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Education & Research

Education & Research

Batwa Sponsorship Scheme



Since its inception, BMCT has been supporting Batwa Children’s education with scholastic materials in form of exercise books, pens, pencils and school uniforms, sanitary wear and medical.

In 2016, BMCT Launched a Batwa sponsorship scheme where children are holistically supported with all scholastic requirements. Currently there are102 Batwa pupils in selected primary schools, 32 in secondary, 9 have completed their vocational school. 2 are self employed after completing their vocational training. Batwa have 1 female graduate who is currently employed at BMCT as the Batwa co-ordinator.

Uprooting of invasive species from the park to allow regeneration  

Domestication of the local tree species has yielded important lessons. Indigenous knowledge has been the source of basic information in the seed source, propagation and tree management. Local people have known, used and valued these species as part of their culture and way of life. The people know their uses, durability, hardness and strength, seed germination, growing habits.



Skilling for Employment


With funding from UNDP, IIED, In partnership with the International Gorilla Conservation Program in Uganda, the Responsible Tourism Partnership of the UK and Kwetu Uganda, BMCT is engaged in skilling youth and women in different marketable trades. These include hand craft making like baskets, beads, ceramics wood and bamboo products. This venture is geared towards supporting youth benefiting from the tourism industry around the national parks.



The Trust Resource Centre

Inaugurated in 2018 by BMCT board, the Center supports opportunities for children and youth to develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.


The child-friendly centre offers organized interactive programs for physical activities such as dance, programs such as science expos, crafts, and theatre. It also offers opportunities for unstructured activities such as indoor games, socializing, club meetings, and out-door play.


Soon it will have a training wing for the youth for vocational courses like tailoring, knitting and construction.

sponsored at different levels
youth employed

Batwa Census


Census report

Conducted for the purposes of improving Batwa programming, Batwa census is an 5year research activity that helps BMCT understand the challenges of Batwa communities and how to support them. We train external enumerators on the data collection tools we use and as we interact with the Batwa leaders, we strategize on new developmental ideas for their electorates.


Batwa Resettlement


In order to resettle Batwa households, in 2000, BMCT started purchasing land which has accumulated to 406 acres to date. 9 families are located in Chahi,4 families in Butobo and 4 families in Karengyere. 10 acres are utilized through subsistence agricultural farming by 9 families in Kabahenda village, Buhozi Parish, Busanza sub county. Each family is allocated at least 1(one) acre of land where the house, kitchen and a latrine are constructed.

families using energy saving stoves
women trained in ESTs construction

Batwa Model Village 


This is the first “gated” Batwa community developed by BMCT to revive the Batwa togetherness. It is located in Kihembe village, kanungu district. On 10 acres of land, Each family has a main house, kitchen and a toilet. The village has a recreational center for the children. The whole community is engaged in group VSLAs for cohesion purposes. With a children’s play centre, Batwa model village showcases the life of Batwa before and after the forest life.

acres of land bought
houses constructed to-date
females, 61 youth