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Our Work

BMCT Programmes & Interventions

Below are some of the programmes BMCT is currently implementing. Indicate along are quick statistics to indicate the impact of our interventions

Resilient Livelihoods

53 VSLA groups formed, 1037 people in VSLA, 882 women involved VSLAs, 40 IGAs formed from VSLA groups, 63,053,300shs group savings


Hectarage under SLM 7.44, 3 Community demonstration sites under SLM, 10,300 Bamboo Rhizomes, 102,500 Calliandra seedlings and 400 Gravellier trees planted

Education and Research

1026 sponsored at different levels, 9 youth employed. Batwa Sponsorship Scheme, Skilling for employment programme, and The Trust Resource Centre


406 acres of land bought for Batwa Households, 56 resettlement houses constructed to-date, 50 females, 61 youth