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Improving Community Livelihood through Bee keeping

Improving Community Livelihood through Bee keeping

Over the years, BMCT has worked with communities around Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks  promoting bee keeping both as a conservation and income generating initiative.  Bee keeping has given local people and the government economic incentive for the protection of natural habitats ans is an ideal activity in our conservation program. Bee keepers have admitted that being close to the forests has helped them in beekeeping and reduction of illegal activities especially wildfires because beekeepers gaurd where they have put their hives discouraging people from burning, grazing, cutting trees and harvesting other forest resources. after some time, these areas have become greener because the vegetation is allowed to grow. It is also a source of income and this has changed people’s attitude of relying on the forests contributing to sustainable management of natural resources  and increased bio diversity.

For these reasons and more, BMCT is vigilant in supporting bee keeping in line with her vision which emphasizes environmental conservation and livelihood improvement. Over 20 Apiary groups have been supported  over the last five years and the impact of these groups still stands to date